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57 YA Books You Need to Read Based On Your Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Repost from Epic Reads

57 books to read based on the Marvel cinematic universe

Can you guys believe that we’re almost 20 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?! It feels like we were just meeting Iron Man for the first time yesterday, and now we get to see pretty much every character (is Hawkeye still on his farm?) collide for the most epic crossover ever in Infinity War!! Because we KNOW we’re going to have a movie hangover afterwards, we’ve got book recs for every movie in the MCU—and whether you want to read your way through it or just scan to find your faves, we support whichever choice you make.

So, find something with action, tech, or twists that can’t be topped. We promise every book will give you the same adrenaline-fueled feeling that seeing your fave superhero movie for the first time did.

Find the list on Epic Reads.

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