Zora's Darkness–Part One

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

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Part One

I really hadn’t moved much since Tone’s parents dropped me off two days ago. I stayed in my same funeral clothes yesterday until it was almost evening. Normally, Gigi would have been all over me for not washing my behind, but I could bet she was in the same predicament as me. I hadn’t heard much movement from her either, except to go to the bathroom. The only reason why I changed was because those stockings were getting uncomfortable. I went into Mama’s room, and I found a pair of her favorite PJ’s. I knew I better take a shower before putting those on. She would have surely gotten me for that. I took a long shower. It was nice, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

I still needed to know what happened the night Mama died. You would think I’d have so many answers by now, but it seemed like for every question I asked, I only had more questions than answers. Do people not want to tell me the truth, or do they really not know? The only thing I knew for sure was that that nasty police officer murdered Mama, but the police department wouldn’t call it murder. The union rep, Brian Wetzler, just said it was a justified shooting.